UNOSWU by BlueberryE

IoT-Development made easy

Board: Select from 3 different embedded microcontroller boards

Plug: Switch function (relay with optotriac), if > 3V are applied socket is on, 800mA@5V power supply, CE marking, protection code IP20, 230V/50Hz, connector Typ E+F (CEE 7/7)

UnoSWU Plug (front)

UNOSWU Features

UnoSWU is a open modular plattform for your automation projects! Choose between ESP8266, ESP+Atmega32u4 and one OpenThread compatible computing boards. Due to the Arduino compatibility (for ESP8266 and Atmega) you can recourse to the Arduino-Ecosystem, to get your project done with ease.


Automate on your own

UnoSWU gets you a socket to control any device.No matter if you’re using a tactile button to switch on and off or programm your UnoSWU as the ultimate MQTT radio controlled switchplug. Its up to you!


Extend your claims

Connect sensors to your UnoSWU to monitor your room temperature, or upgrade your fishtank and use an UnoSWU as a fully autonomous control-unit.


Save time and money

Switch your lightning automated by daytime or remote from your phone.


Support us

With your help we can produce the UnoSWU and further expensions.

IoT-Development made easy


IoT-Development made easy


UNOSWU Tech-Specs

Micro Controller

UnoSWU - Plug & Micro Controller

Select from 3 different embedded microcontroller boards, where all relevant pins brought out to a 9x2 female header connector on the side of the plug.

The microcontroller board connects to the main board of the plug though a 6 pin header. Pin connections from left to right are Gnd, 5V, Relay-M, Relay-P, USB-M, USB-P

More ...

ESP8266 Standalone – for programming the ESP8266 you need to connect a USB to serial adapter board using jumper wires to the right pins of the 9×2 connector

ESP8266 + ATmega32U4 – here both MCUs are powered at 3.3V to simplify communication their communication. The expansion port provides 5V as well, so if you make use of it in any peripherals please take care of levelshifting.Please note all the exposed pins are from ATmega32U4. ESP8266 is just used as a modem here, both ICs communicate through UART.In addition this configuration allows programming over USB as the ATmega32U4 supports it.

Thread Compatible – at the moment we plan to use the Silabs EFR32MG1P732F256GM32-C0 supporting Bluetooth Smart, Zigbee and Thread with an ARM-Cortex M4. The final decision of the used chip depends on support for Open-Thread. The Thread-Board will be later also provided in a Raspberry connectable version. …

USB type A female connector

Please note that there can be several advantages of the feature list in the final version of the UnoSWU, depending on our success on Kickstarter


UnoSWU - Plug opened & Ports

Switch function (relay with optotriac), if >3V are applied socket is on

800mA@5V power supply

CE marking

Protection code IP20


Connector Typ E+F (CEE 7/7)